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Valdosta was named a finalist in the ESPN Titletown USA contest, and the West Florida football team has upset UGA's top 10 football program, the University of South Florida. ESPN has announced the winners of its annual "TitletOWN USA" football competition, which is now entering its eleventh season.

This spirit of renewal and expansion continues today, and is reflected in the town of about 57,000 inhabitants on Georgia's southern border. As far as sport is concerned, Valdosta has always had and always has the venues that the organisers need. The festival was named South Georgia Pride in 2009 and is held every year on Saturday, September 30 on the campus of Georgia State University.

Lowndes, Georgia and Valdosta Georgia will be the first to qualify in the first round of the 2014 FIFA Women's World Cup. This time, we did not use our tickets to secure a place in the press box, but chose to watch the game from the stands.

Ten years earlier, I was lucky enough to be at Cleveland Field when the Athens High Trojans visited. Andy Johnson led Georgia to many more memorable victories and became the best UGA running quarterback of all time with 1,848 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns. The New England Patriots knew Johnson's ball - he wore his skills, caught it in his final season at Georgia in 1973 and made a reverse run. Johnson played in the NFL for four years, his best season coming in 1976, when he scored 10 touchdowns and had 1,045 total yards.

Bazemore had a 176-22 record in boys' basketball, including a national championship in his first year as head coach in 1976, and the team won 14 state championships. He never had a graduation class that didn't win at least one state title and coached six state championship teams.

Ripley Believe it or not, Bazemore claims he scored 10 touchdowns as a high school football player, a fallacy that was even spread by Sports Illustrated in the 1970s. For his 75th birthday in 2007, he was selected by the magazine "Scholastic Coach" and the Sports Director. In 2014, MaxPreps named him one of the top ten coaches of all time in Georgia high school football.

The Georgian was, incidentally, in the press box that evening in Valdosta. Vince Dooley no doubt knows, but Johnson would live longer. On that historic night, Valdoas was quarterback Bebe Don Golden, who would later become the Bulldogs' safety, man and passer.

A native of Albany, Georgia, he earned his bachelor's degree in political science from Valdosta State College in 1989. In 1990 he was named Distinguished Scholar Athlete of the Year in Georgia, and in 1992 Bebe "Dr. Stiefel" Bebbe, Jr., of the Georgia Athletic Association, as athletic director.

Higgs was a textbook co-author and taught several courses at the University of Georgia College of Political Science, an accredited college in Georgia. He was elected to the board of the Georgia Association of State Colleges and Universities and to the Board of Trustees.

Bobcat Athletics prides itself on its commitment to improving the lives of students and athletes, as documented by its academic achievements. At the NCAA Division II level, the 11 varsity sports programs are sponsored by the University of Georgia College of Political Science and the Georgia State University System.

The Wildcats lead 12-0 in their last 12 games before the championship game and take a 14-2 lead. No team in Georgia high school history has played defense as well as Valdosta this year, according to Georgia High School Athletic Association records.

But quarterback Andy Johnson came to town and ripped up the Valdosta defense, rushed for 109 yards and two touchdowns and passed for another. Mississippi State answered with a touchdown run of its own to tie the game at 35 with 3: 15 left in the game, but Talley hit Rodney Hampton with a two-yard pass to put Georgia up 35-21 with 8: 40 remaining. The rest is history, as Johnson took the Dawgs to the Georgia 30, where Poulos overplayed and gave Georgia what Dooley called a "big game" on the third - and first - from the Mississippi State line.

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